Micah Loffer

Web Developer

Modus Operandi

The digital era has given rise to new realities and ecosystems; each with their own unique properties, languages and cultures. Integrating these brave new worlds with existing societies is an ever-evolving craft that demands creative solutions. The potential is revolutionary: increasing the quality and flow of information through structure to distill the efficiency of communication. Constructing effortless interactions to facilitate that transfer is the intricate puzzle that keeps me up at night.


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • WordPress


  • CodeIgniter
  • Laravel
  • jQuery
  • Compass
  • Apache

Whether you're looking for a new site for your business, or team members for a full-scale application; drop me a line to discover what we can accomplish together!


  • Atheneum Creative

    Atheneum Creative Screenshot

    This portfolio-style gallery features a responsive interface allowing easy access from your desktop or smartphone, as well as dynamic loading for seamless interaction. Visit Site

  • Carolina Girl Cooks

    Carolina Girl Cooks Screenshot

    Featuring striking design from Kelly Mills, this update to the Carolina Girl Cooks blog is built on WordPress, allowing for effortless blogging. Visit Site

  • NAPA Filters

    NAPA Filters Screenshot

    Responsive layout allows quick, convenient access from your desktop or smartphone. Built on WordPress, allowing content managers to change and add content, rearrange sidebars and link related products. Visit Site

  • DLP Entertainment

    DLP Screenshot

    DLP Entertainment is a Peabody and 4-time Emmy Award winning production agency based in Venice, CA. With an impressive portfolio displaying beautiful works for clients such as ESPN, Gatorade, Under Armour, DLP excels in conveying powerful stories, capturing emotion and drama. This website is built on WordPress, allowing editors to add, remove and rearrange pieces of work, as well as publish blog posts for their subscribers and readers. Visit Site

  • CAST

    CAST Screenshot

    Carolina Actors Studio Theatre, a non-profit performing arts organization, required a very visual, online experience where they could promote their upcoming events and sell tickets. The site is built on WordPress, and allows for adding and scheduling new events. Visit Site

  • Lifepoint Church

    Lifepoint Church Screenshot

    Clean and informational design with media-driven features. Built on the CodeIgniter framework. Visit Site


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